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You know you need a website. It’s an inevitable part of business. Even if you don’t sell products online, a website allows people to find you. Sure, Facebook can do the same thing, but your Facebook page doesn’t belong to you and it can be taken away at any time. It’s a great place to build your audience, but a very risky place to keep them.

Custom built websites can be expensive and the freebie (and some of the cheaper) options out there, by nature, hold the same risk as Facebook. They don’t belong to you.

What if I told you that these aren’t your only choices? That you, yes, you with the brand spanking new business, can have full ownership of your very own gorgeous online platform for your website without going broke.

I believe in full ownership of your website. Your website can be the backbone of your business and it should fully belong to you and only you. But it’s intimidating. You want a website that reflects you and your brand. Something up-to-date, beautiful, and unique, but not too complicated to update on your own. So, where do you start? Right here, with the Easy Peasy Website template. This template, with the choice of 7 different themes, allows you to own a beautiful website, filled with your own content, without the stress of starting from scratch on your own or the cost of having someone do it for you.

You don’t have to be a lone wolf fox.

You’re great at what you do! But you don’t have to be great at web design, SEO, copywriting, or marketing if that’s not your specialty. Spend your time doing what you love and committing to your clients. Let me handle your website. I’ve got your back! XOXO,


Foxy Musings

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Images Can Make Or Break Web Design

Why stock photos matter and where to find them (sometimes for free). As much as I’d love to be able to say that any website I design is all based on my talent, I can’t. Sure, fonts, colors, and the placement of text and images count for a lot. But truly, the images...

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One website or two?

Every once in a while, I meet someone like myself who has their hands in multiple businesses. Frequently they ask me the same question: Should I have a separate website for each business? I know that there are more of you multi-passionate people out there, so I've...

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