About Erin

I’m just a girl and her computer creating beautiful things and helping big dreams come true.

I believe in balance and compromise. I burn sage, practice yoga, and eat pizza. I live on coffee and chocolate.

I’ve dreamed big and realized so many of my goals. I want to help you realize yours too.

I hold a deep appreciation for those who pursue their dreams. The dreamers, the creators, the rebels, the path makers. Those of us who feel the universe’s pull towards something different; something greater.

Once upon a time, I started on an epic journey. One in which many lessons would be learned and much frustration would be felt, but ultimately, I would end up right where I needed to be. I want to help you follow your dreams by allowing you the freedom to focus on what you’re offering while I take care of building your gorgeous website.

What do you want to be when you grow up?




I worked with Erin Moss last year after seeing her speak at a networking group on social media and blogging.  I engaged Erin to build a brand new website…  Erin was thoughtful and committed to a start date.  Within 3 weeks of that date, I had a beautiful new website on a brand new platform (WordPress).

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Erin as I appreciate her insights and business recommendations (She encouraged me to use WordPress and she was so right).  Erin is creative and very responsive to questions and even taught me how to update my site on a platform that I have never worked with (thanks to her smart training documents and overview).

I felt like she understood the ‘vibe’ I was targeting with my site and she gave me detailed guidance on what I needed to provide to enable the features I wanted.  Her post-development support package was very valuable too.  I feel extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with Erin – I felt like she understood my goals and made it happen with a very dedicated, upbeat and professional approach.

Julia K.

Epiphany Health