People always look at me in wonder when I explain to them that no, I don’t have a Mac, but yes, I am a web designer. Macs seem to be what all the “cool” designer kids have. I am even having a hard time finding a quality image of a computer on my fave stock sites that doesn’t feature an Apple product (which is why, if you look close enough, you’ll notice that the computers and other tech in many of my stock images are Apples).

However, I was never the “cool” kid and it seems as if that hasn’t changed. But I don’t mind. There are good, solid reasons why I don’t have an Apple.

Reason 1
Apply products are expensive! Way out of my league. I would rather spend 1K less on a computer and spend that money on food, rent, and maybe some new clothes. I just can’t justify that type of an expense, especially when there are so many less expensive quality products out there. I do want to invest in my business, which is why I recently purchased an affordable HP. Now I have money left over to invest in other products to further my business and help my clients such as backup plugins, storage space, and the like.

Reason 2
I’ve been using a PC for so long that the change to an Apple would probably be frustrating. If I’m going to learn something new, I’d rather it be related to my work and creating more secure, gorgeous sites for my clients.

Reason 3
Compatibility is an issue. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had a client or a friend who has had issues because their Apple product isn’t compatible with important software or they have to figure out a way to reformat their files. I just don’t have time for that.

Maybe I’m just an old-timer who’s afraid of change or maybe I’m too lazy to learn something new. But I’m happy with my choice in computers. I don’t harbor any hard feelings toward the Apple company and their products, I’m sure they’re fantastic and I know they have a very loyal following. I’m just going to stay right where I am.

Note: I did have an iPhone at one time and it was amazing. However, I found that it didn’t support many apps that I now use with my Android device.